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Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)


Determining Market Value

There are many things we look at when doing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine what a property should be listed for in today's real estate marketplace. We want to help you obtain the highest possible price by making sure your home is priced appropriately by considering all of the factors that determine its current value. A CMA evolves by first examining the public records regarding all real estate transactions that have occurred in your community
over the course of a predetermined time frame. 

Here are the five key areas we research when preparing your home's CMA: 

1) We research the amount paid for at least three recently sold homes in or near your community. These homes will be comparable in size to your home and will comprise a factual record of what buyers will pay.

2) We research the asking prices of at least three presently listed homes in or near your community. Since these homes are fairly similar to yours they will be the benchmark against which your home will be priced.

3) We research the asking prices of at least three homes in or near your community that went unsold for at least 90 days. Once again, since they are similar to your home they will illustrate the downside of overpricing your property.

4) When doing a property evaluation we take into consideration upgrades and recent renovations that make your  property more desirable when compared to similar properties with fewer upgrades or older renovations. We also place a higher, more appropriate value on properties that have swimming pools or other unique selling features and promote them as advantages rather than viewing them as a liability or marketing hindrance.

5) We combine all of the information at our disposal and adjust for the current real estate market  to arrive at the ideal listing price for your home.

All of our CMA's are done with no obligation to use the Alan Davies Real Estate Team to market your home. We look forward to helping you arrive at the best listing price and getting your home sold as quickly as possible.

Simply Contact Us at anytime to arrange an in-depth CMA on your property.
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